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Our online Facebook Group is an amazing place full of wonderful, supportive and knowledgeable people who are more than happy to lend an ear, a shoulder to cry on and who have plenty of advice to give. The Facebook Group is a “closed group” which means that you will need to request to join and then answer a few questions before being given access. If you have any questions regarding joining please send an email to info@mwasdnetwork.org and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

The Online Facebook Group Rules (yes we have to have a few…)

* NO content, information or posts are to be shared outside of the group. When people post here it is with the understanding that it is for the groups eyes only. Please always respect other peoples privacy as not everyone has shared their diagnosis with others outside the group.
* No naming and shaming please. Everyone’s experiences and opinions are different so what/who works for some may not for others. Defamation is potentially damaging to careers and businesses and it is illegal so please don’t do it.
* We will be allowing a select few therapists and other members of organisations that are not necessarily parents of kids on the spectrum to join the group. They can provide a lot of valuable professional information, plus they learn from us as parents too which helps them help families better so it is a win win situation.
* If you are unsure whether something is appropriate to post, please send one of the admins a quick message to ask.
* Anyone is welcome to add members to the group but please ensure they are living in Melbourne’s West. We trust your judgement 
* Always be kind, caring and considerate when posting.

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